Slavition Foot Phytogel anti-inflammatory Gel

The Phytogel “Slaviton” series “Altai” Medicine is a very effective solution for treating and preventing the progression of varicose veins. The gel composition enters a string of natural ingredients of each ingredient itself is a treasure trove of medicinal components. Medicinal properties of each ingredient are multiplied significantly to interact with other ingredients, and bring comfort, health, and make your feet beautiful: Chestnut strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, reduces blood viscosity, stimulates the production of antithrombin, and increases the elasticity of veins. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, has an antispasmodic effect, it is antiseptic and analgesic, and accelerates tissue repair processes. It is calming, anti-inflammatory, and bacteriostatic. It is used as a biostimulant to improve water and fat metabolisms in the skin cells, increasing its elasticity and turgidity. Thyme is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic and strengthens capillary circulation. Rosemary has tonic, hyperemia, inflammatory, and anesthetic properties, it also strengthens vein walls. Hamamelis has astringent, antiseptics, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and toning properties. It strengthens the construction of the blood cells. DOSAGE: Apply a small amount of gel on the skin of the feet in the morning and in the evening, gently massage until absorbed. Recommended 8 weeks of treatment.

Price: £ 12.00