Rebecca Sharrock
Founder/Owner of Cycle2Pilates

A strong believer in the power of Pilates to have a fully functional body for everyday life. I have seen how Pilates has changed students physically to become stronger, leaner and achieve their full potential. Early in my fitness career, I had the opportunity to train with the UK’s original king of Pilates Michael King. Once qualified, I introduced Pilates to the studio timetable of a newly opened health club that I then managed.

My background is in health club management and group exercise, and I have been a fitness professional for over 20 years. My classes are extremely popular and well liked within the local community.

During the lockdown period I used this time to my advantage and successfully became a Barre UK Instructor. Barre added another exciting dimension to the online timetable complimenting Pilates. I’ve always strived to evolve, educate and develop my skill set.

Within the cycling community I’m recognised as a Gold Level Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach and National Presenter. I’m known for my empowering and passionate classes. I have presented at international conventions in the world of indoor cycling and during lockdown taking these events online, uniting the UK with European riders who share the same love for cycling.

My members would describe my classes are creative, fun and motivational. No class is ever the same!

My online students feel connected and a part of something special. I have created a community who are supported and cared about. My ambition is to inspire others and share my knowledge, in order for them to achieve their own personal goals.