Orthophyt Body Massage Heat Gel Joint & Muscular Pain Relief

Orthophyt Oxgall Body Massage Gel Altai TianDeBody Massage Gel, Active life and joy of movement. Massage Gel “Orthophyt” allows you to effectively deal with pain in the joints. TianDe Corporation is pleased to introduce you to a series of "Altai", the basis for the astonishing effectiveness of whom are the gifts of nature one of the cleanest places in the world. Massage Gel “Orthophyt” allows you to effectively deal with pain in the joints. The composition of the gel comes with natural ingredients for centuries verified as being capable of improving blood circulation to relieve pain in joints and muscles, to bring joint movements: • Bile (gall) in medicine used as an external analgesic dissolving agent for acute and chronic: arthritis, bursitis, spondyloarthritis and sciatica secondary. • Soybean oil restores the skin barrier and water retention capacity in the skin and because of the presence of plant sterols and tocopherols, it has a marked action of regeneration. • Peppermint oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties, quickly eliminates muscle pain associated with heavy lifting. • Eucalyptus oil effectively relieves pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. • Fir extract enhances the gel and helps to restore connective tissue and cartilage. In contrast to creamy products of this type, the gel is absorbed quickly into the deep layers of the skin, immediately sending the entire medical complex in the affected areas. The outcome of the synergistic effect of each ingredient is enhanced by the wisdom of ancient Chinese healers altaieni, modern processing technologies and health products.

Price: £ 12.00