Live Pilates Class Bow Brickhill

Location: Bow Brickhill Community Hall     Address: Church Rd, Bow Brickhill, Milton Keynes MK17 9LH, UK

Instructor: Rebecca Sharrock

The Pilates method is a system of multi muscle exercises that focus on improving flexibility and strength for the total body. The goal (beyond a stronger leaner body) is to create a fusion of the body and mind. With Pilates based exercises every thought is a process and every movement is controlled by thought. The Pilates techniques are performed with centring of the torso and will help develop a strong core to support better posture, body alignment and balance. There is an emphasis on the Pilates principles such as breathing and flowing continuous movement. Resistance Pilates flex-bands, light hand weights and the Pilates mini balls can be used to increase the intensity.

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